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November 22nd, 2005

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SAGA 2005 Budget now available

SAGA’s budget for 2005 is now available on their financial statements page.

These statements show quite clearly that with the current membership levels, our current membership fees only cover about one quarter of the annual projected costs. Until either (a) membership levels rise substantially, (b) current members indicate a willingness to pay higher fees (unlikely), (c) some major costs are cut from the SAGA budget, or (d) another sustainable source of income for SAGA is found, it is clear to me that SAGA is dependent on the interest generated by its bank account and other investments.

Note further that this year’s budget relies heavily on profit from sales of books and equipment, another source of income which will not be sustainable unless the game keeps expanding to a new audience.

(Note that the comments on the budget are mine, and not SAGA’s, or the SAGA Council’s)

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