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November 16th, 2005

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Voting Results for JHB Articles

The votes for the Articles seem to be coming in. So far, it goes:

Articles of Operation

13 votes for the Articles (Leander, Dale, Tristen, Pablo, Templar, Simone, Carle, Willhem, Alan, Marc, Martin Cook (new to the club and welcome), Ben, and Fred)

0 votes against
1 vote undecided (Paul Edwards)

In regards to Rotation vs. Election (Please check to make sure I have you in the right category)

Rotation: 8 votes for. (Dale, Tristen, Marc, Pablo, Leander, Willhem, Carle and one other (please provide your name asap))

Election: 6 votes for. (Fred, Alan, Templar, Simone, Ben and Martin Cook)

So far the rotation system seems to be winning. Voting will remain open until 10am Friday morning, after which we can formally adopt (or reject) the Articles and then select asset sec and info officer.

Thanks to all who made the effort to be there last night.

Posted by tristen in Joburg, News


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2 Responses to “Voting Results for JHB Articles”

  1. tristen says:


    Constitution: yes
    Leadership: election

    Have a good day

    Martin Cook

  2. tristen says:

    Ben’s votes

    1) Yes
    > 2) Election

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