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November 10th, 2005

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Victor comments first game of Western Cape Meijin

Victor Chow kindly agreed to provide some comments on the first game of the 1st Western Cape Meijin title match. Due to some technical problems, he could not comment on Konrad’s version of the commented game. In Victor’s words: “I … commented first 60 moves. The game is effectively over after that period.”

Download Victor’s commented version here, or check out the online replay.

For reference, Victor’s comment on move 14 is referring to Konrad’s comment: “Ignoring the attachment at D15 is not recommended: according to Ishida’s joseki dictionary, white can now get a locally superior result by adding another move at the top left.”

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2 Responses to “Victor comments first game of Western Cape Meijin”

  1. konrad says:

    Cool, I didn’t do too badly – I can blame some of my mistaken comments on Japanese go books 🙂 Now to decide whether reading them does me more harm than good…

    As one might have predicted, I’m forced to take back my most strongly stated comment (that the N12 atari was the worst mistake of the game) – combined with Victor’s suggested follow-up O10, O9, M10 it becomes strong. But perhaps I wasn’t too far off – I could probably say that the idea of N12 atari followed by M11 connection was the worst mistake of the game.

    The most surprising comment to me is “White is now very difficult to lose this game now” after the thick move 44 I rejected. And of course that the game is effectively over after 54 – not to a lower dan it aint.

  2. Rory says:

    It’s cute how he presents the state of a game so simply as if a 20kyu should know that it is all over after that exchange LOL 😀

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