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October 25th, 2005

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SAGC and SAGA rating systems merge

SAGA has adopted the South African Go Clubs website’s rating system as the official ranking system employed by SAGA, after a number of changes to the system were made to the SAGC system to make it acceptable to SAGA. The systems were merged this morning, so from now on, any player can get their up-to-date rank on the SAGC ratings page (assuming their latest games have been added).

A number of people gained promotions during the merge: 25 players were promoted, 2 of them twice. New ranks are: Leander Gaum (2k), Jaco Swanepoel (4k), Daniel Wium (4k), David Richfield (6k), Guillaume Binet (8k), Gerrit Kapp (8k), Willem Joubert Jnr (11k), James Gelant (12k), Marc Loon (13k), Lei Feng (13k), Carle Joubert (14k), Chris Welsh (14k), Hanno Botha (17k), Adrian Thom (19k), Grant Webb (19k), Hennie de Villiers (19k), Timothy Spring (20k), Henk Hoving (21k), Thomas Lawrie (26k), Steven Dawson (27k), James Limbouris (27k), Wim Conradie (27k), Iain Lawrie (28k), and Elrico Heinen (29k)

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