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October 21st, 2005

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Hugo wins 4th Quarter Handicap Tournament

With two of the three final round games completed, the top positions of the handicap tournament have been determined. Hugo (who has been promoted two ranks since the tournament started) wins the tournament. Lei Feng (promoted one rank, and very close to a second promotion) takes second place, beating Rory Beling (who has also been promoted) into third place by either SOS or SOSOS (depending on the third game). Fourth place goes to Charl du Plessis, who has also been promoted since the tournament started. The battle for fifth place should be taking place next week, between Christina Auret and David Richfield (who suffered a demotion due to the collective onslaught of Charl and Rory in the first and second rounds).

Posted by Hugo in Stellenbosch, Tournaments

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