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October 17th, 2005

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Yi Ch’ang-ho wins one final, loses another

First off, an announcement. From now on, I will only be updating the pro news on Mondays, except for major title results and the like. Also, if you like to follow any events in particular, and would like to volunteer to report on them on this site, please let me know. Spreading the load helps make these reports more more sustainable.

International tournaments:

Nongshim cup: Last week saw 4 matches in the first stage of the 7th Nongshim Cup in Beijing, China. All 4 games were decided by resignation: In game 1 last Tuesday, Hane Naoki Kisei (jp) eliminated 16-year-old Kang Dongyun (kr) after 160 moves, in a heavy fighting game highly influenced by a difficult ko. The next day, Hane had to face Wang Yao (6d, cn), in a battle for the survival of big groups. However, Wang missed a tesuji to save a large group, and, after Hane capitalised, was forced to resign. The next day saw Korean revenge: Yu Chae-hyeong eliminated Hane after Hane made a seemingly good large-scale ko exchange to secure a central moyo, which Yu was able to break into due to some aji. However, Yu was eliminated on Friday by Chinese 7-dan Liu Xing. Liu will proceed to the next stage in Pusan, Korea, which starts on 23 November. His first opponent will be a Japanese, but he may only find out who it will be 3 hours before the game. For more complete coverage, check out

Another international tournament currently underway (from today to Wednesday) is the All-Asia New Star Match – a 8-player team match between China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan for young professionals. The first days’ games were being relayed live on IGS (username ishineiXX – XX a number between 01 and 16), so I expect Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s will as well. Today saw Korea facing Japan and China vs Taiwan. The results I have so far are Weon Seong-chin (6d, kr), previous LG Cup semi-finalist, scraped a 0.5 point victory over Mizokami Tomochika (8d, jp); Lee Jungwoo (5d, kr) beat So Yokoku (8d, jp) by 2.5; and Hu Yaoyu (8d, cn) beat one of Taiwan’s top players, 7-dan Lin Zhihan. Tomorrow
Korea plays Taiwan and China faces off with Japan.

The other major action on the international scene are the next 2 rounds of the LG cup finals. The quarterfinals took place today (still no results available), and the semi-finals are on Wednesday.


Meijin: The big news last week was that Kobayashi Satoru managed to win the 4th game of the title match against defended Cho U, bringing the score to 3-1. The next round, which will be relayed live on IGS, will take place this Wednesday and Thursday.

61st Honinbo: So Yokoku defeated Yoda Norimoto Gosei in their initial games in the League.

44th Judan: In the losers’ bracket of the challenger decision tournament, Yamashita Keigo eliminated O Rissei

32nd Tengen prelims: Iyama Yuta (7d) bt Yamada Kimio (8d). This Thursday sees Ogata Masaki and Cho Chikun in action in the preliminaries.

31st Gosei prelims: O Meien claimed a spot in the challenger decision tournament by knocking out Takao Shinji Honinbo, while Kono Rin (7d) claimed his spot by eliminating 9-dan Cho Sonjin. Other spots were claimed by Imamura Toshiya (9d) and Nakao Jyungo (8d) (who beat 9-dan Ishii Kunio).

53rd NHK Cup: Takao Shinji’s luck also ran out here, with him losing to Moriyama Naoki. This Friday sees the broadcast of the match between Imamura Yoshiaki (8d) and defending champion Cho U Meijin.

25th NEC Cup: On Friday, Cho Sonjin was the first player to advance to the semi-finals of this tournament by ousting O Meien. His opponent will be decided this Friday in a major clash: Takao Shinji Honinbo vs Hane Naoki Kisei.

In the 48th Kansai Ki-in 1st place tournament, the second finalist was determined last Thursday: Yokota Shigeaki, 9-dan, beat Moriyama Naoki, to qualify to face Nakano Yasuhiro (9d) in the best-of-3 final.

6th Female Strongest: Last thursday, Izawa Akino(3d) caused an upset by defeating Yashiro Kumiko (5d), who is currently challenging for the Female Honinbo. This week’s game in this tournament sees Umezawa Yukari (known as the presenter of Go Go Igo directly after episodes of Hikaru No Go) facing Xie Yimin (2d) – Xie is currently 11th on the Japanese win/loss table, with 26 victories this year.

This Thursday is Yashiro Kumiko’s chance to grab her first title ever, the 23rd Female Honinbo. She leads the defending champion, Chinen Kaori, 2-0 so far in the best-of-5 final.

This Thursday also sees the final of the 46th Okan (Crown) title challenger decision tournament between 9-dan Yamashiro Hiroshi and 8-dan Nakane Naoyuki.


Yi Ch’ang-ho lost the final of the inaugural Korean Prices Information Cup 2-0 to Pak Yeong-hun after his second loss last Tuesday, but bounced back on Thursday to successfully defend his KBS Cup title, securing a 2-0 win over 9-dan Yoo Changhyuk.

The Go server showdown, the 2005 Baduk Masters “Samkukji”, was dominated by Tygem’s representative, Ch’oe Ch’eol-han, most of last week. After defeating Son Geungi (2d) the previous Friday, he won his next 3 games as well, despatching Pak Chi-hun (4d), Heo Yeongho (4d), and Song Taekon (7d) in succession. Ch’oe’s luck eventually ran out against 6-dan Kim Juho, representing Mgame. Kim followed that victory up with another one against 4-dan Lee Jaewong. Tygem currently has 5 team members remaining, Cyberoro 3, and Mgame 4.

17th Gisung: Song T’ae-kon beat 4-dan Hong Minpyo by 5.5 points last Tuesday.

7th Maxim Cup: On Monday, Ch’oe Ch’eol-han bt Jeong Soohyun (9d) to proceed to the final 16. This week sees Kim Seong-ryong playing for his spot on Wednesday, and Kim Il-hwan on Friday.

Korean Baduk League: Team Park Land, who still have not won a match, managed to pull off their 5th tie in 6 matches – this time against Team Bohe. The tie was thanks to an upset win by An Tal-hun (6d) against Rui Naiwei (9d). This week’s match is between Team No. 1 Fire Insurance, led by Cho Hun-hyeon, and Song T’ae-kon’s Team Bomyang.

Cho Hun-hyeon will also be playing in the 1st Siptan this week. Tomorrow, he faces 4-dan Hong Sung-ji.

Finally, the play-off to determine the winner of League B in the SK Gas Cup takes place on Friday: Pak Chi-eun (6d) vs Ko Geuntae (3d)


After a long period of silence on the Chinese Go scene, things seem to be picking up this week again. The final knockout stage of 2nd Xiaoqi Cup begins on Sunday. This stage has 24 players, with 8 seeded into the second round. The remaining 16 will be playing the first round on Sunday. The second round is next Tuesday, and the quarterfinals next Thursday.


1st Guoshou: Last Tuesday Lin Shengxian (7d) lost to 4-dan Chen Shien, guaranteeing that he will be the fourth player demoted from the league. Monday’s victory by Xiao Zhenghao(4d) over Peng Jinghua (6d) leaves 3 players with 6 wins in the league: Lin Zhihan, Chen Shien and Xiao. Xiao, however, has another match left against Huang Xiangren.

Last Tuesday, 7-dan Dai Jiashen claimed his spot in the final of the 5th Donggang Cup by eliminating Chen Yida (5d). Dai will face Chen Shien in the final.


This coming weekend sees the European Student Go Championships in Helsinki, Finland. This tournament selects 2 males and a female as European representatives to the World Student Go Championships, and is open to full-time students aged between 18 and 30.

(Image of Yi Ch’ang-ho courtesy of Gobase.)

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