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October 16th, 2005

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Aketa-sensei’s visit. Day 1.

Sunday, 16th October 2005


Today was a great day for Go in the Western Cape. It saw the arrival of Aketa-sensei 6d at Cape Town International. We all (Rory, Steve and myself) recognised him immediately when he stepped out of the airport. He had an aura of awe surrounding him; we’re meeting a 6 dan player! We all greeted him with “Konnichiwa, Aketa-sensei.”

We took Aketa-sensei (in Rory’s little Uno) to Andrew’s house. Aketa-sensei had one thing to say about the trip to Andrew’s house, “Cape Town very, very beautiful.”

The afternoon saw us playing Go against each other with Aketa-sensei watching (we could not help ourselves). He commented the games afterwards. I believe we all have learned quite a lot from his comments.

The striking thing about Aketa-sensei is his personality. He is a very lively and friendly person. He is also very courageous to go to foreign countries, where he doesn’t know anybody, to teach Go. I want to ask everyone to make Aketa-sensei’s visit a memorable experience. I think the best way to do this is through participation. The more Go players he interacts with in the Western Cape the more at home he will feel.

Words of wisdom from Aketa-sensei, “In Go age, culture and language doesn’t make a difference; only the black and white stones.”

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One Response to “Aketa-sensei’s visit. Day 1.”

  1. Rory says:

    I completely agree with Jaco, after just one afternoon with Aketa-sensei i have completely taken to him – he has a wonderful personality. Hope we can make his stay here a great one 🙂

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