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October 14th, 2005

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Changes to SAGC Rating system

In order to bring the SAGC rating more into line with the system employed by SAGA, a number of changes have been made. Details will be placed on the rating systems’ “How it works” page in due course.

The major changes are as follows:
-A handicap factor has been introduced which means the larger the handicap in a game, the less one’s index is affected.
-The level factor table previously in use has been replaced by a polynomial – this change effectively makes games change your index more at low ranks.
-There are limits on how quickly you can be demoted: to be demoted takes at least: 2 games above 4k, 3 games from 5k-9k, 4 games from 10k-19k, and 5 games from 20k-29k.
-The game result factor table has changed to make more sense.

Stay tuned for Hugo’s announcement that the “How it works” page, complete with examples has been updated.

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