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October 11th, 2005

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Female Kuksu to challenge for Female Myeongin

Female Kuksu titleholder, Cho Hye-yeon, 5-dan, winner of the losers’ section, defeated 6-dan Pak Chi-eun, winner of the winners’ section, in the final of the double elimination challenger decision tournament to decide the challenger for the Female Myeongin. Cho will face reigning female Myeongin, 9-dan Rui Naiwei, in the best-of-3 final.

In the Nongshim Cup, Korea’s Kang Dongyun (3d) will face Hane Naoki Kisei, representing Japan, in the first match of the tournament. Hane’s selection to play the first match was quite a surprise as usually the best players are held for the final defence when the rest of the team has fallen. A classic example is Yi Ch’ang-ho – in the past 6 years, Yi is undefeated in this tournament, with 14 consecutive wins – including 5 wins against top Japanese and Koreans last year.

In Western news, the European Women’s Goe Championship finished last Sunday with a 3-way tie. Thanks to an upset win by 4-dan Hungarian Rita Pocsai, who defeated 7-dan Russian (and 1-dan Korean pro) Svetlana Shikshina, both players ended with a 4-1 score, along with 6-dan German Zhao Pei.

And in England, Matthew Macfadyen (6d) won the British championship for the 21st time this year (and the 9th time in a row), winning the title match against Desmond Cann (5d) 3-0. Macfadyen has played in every title match except one since 1978 (he missed out in 1987).

(Image of Cho Hye-yeon courtesy of Gobase)

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