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October 7th, 2005

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Aketa, Saturday and Next Week

So far Aketa’s visit has been something of a success. On Tuesday, he came to the club. On Wednesday, Ben took him around in the afternoon and evening. I took him around on Thursday (had a lesson, which showed me what I was doing both wrong and right; I really learnt something about go), and then again to the club in the evening. Today, Dave’s taking him to a game reserve.


Tomorrow (Sat. 7th of Oct), we’ll be having a “Go Day” at Wits. As Aketa will be getting back late from the game reserve, we’ll start at 11:00am and go till about 6:00pm.

The venue is in the Central Block, near the Great Hall. East Campus. See map here:Map of Wits .

Directions: From Empire road, turn into Yale Road. Proceed past security, straight at the stop street, straight again at the roundabout, and up to the traffic lights. At the traffic lights, there’s a major walkway into Wits’s East Campus. Park your car (there’s ample parking), and go into Wits (you’ll be heading east) via this walkway. Proceed straight until you reach Central Block (that’s the main building at Wits, grey stone, neo-classical design). Go up the
Great Steps and into the main foyer. In front of you is the Great Hall, to the right the philosophy department and to the left, the history department. You turn left and walk to the end of the passage, where there is a staircase (going both up and down). At the staircare, turn left into a small passageway. We’re in a room in there.

If you get lost, call me on 084 250-2434

*Next Week*

Aketa will be around for another week. Of course, he’ll be at the Club on Tuesday and Thursday night. It looks like he’ll go to Pretoria on Monday night and the Pretoria guys will look after him on Monday (Marius, Luke, Kupie, please confirm asap).

This means we need to look after him on Tuesday day, Wednesday day and evening, Thursday day, and Friday day and evening.

If you can, please take a day (or afternoon) off and play some go with him. His comments are worth it alone, and he’s a pretty nice chap. Working together, we can do this. Let us know if you do decide to do something with him.

Aketa’s number is: 076 600-5445
His address is: #12, 8th Ave., Parktown North

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3 Responses to “Aketa, Saturday and Next Week”

  1. Rory says:

    Spam! >.

  2. Flo says:

    So what is planned for his Cape Town visit? I believe he’ll be staying with Andrew. How about he visits the Stellenbosch Club on a Thursday evening? If he comes on Thursday afternoon, I can show him around a bit. I could also show him around on other days, but I’m not always free.

    How about a simultaneous game with him at the Stb club? Last time we did that (with Konrad) was a great success, but we must watch out that it doesn’t get too long and tedious for Aketa-sensei, so we need to find a useful limit to the number of participants (e.g. 8).

  3. Steve says:

    Nothing was planned for his Cape Town visit yet, because we didn’t know when he would arrive. Now we know he will arrive next Sunday, but don’t know how long he will stay for. I guess he will attend the Cape Town club on Tuesday. Also, I’m quite willing to have him sleep over at my house on Thursday and Friday, so that he can attend the Stellenbosch club on Thursday (perhaps play a simul if he thinks it’s worthwhile), and then there can be open house at my flat on Friday for anyone who wants to come study there. On Saturday morning, we can probably arrange to have him taken back to Andrew’s house.

    However, since Andrew is working, the biggest portion of Aketa-sensei’s currently unused time will be during office hours. If anyone has plans to entertain him during the day, please contact Andrew Davies to make arrangements – 0833178186. I do not have a Telkom number for him. Also please leave a comment indicating when Aketa-sensei will be with you.

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