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October 3rd, 2005

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Yuki Satoshi defeats Meijin in Ryusei final

Yuki Satoshi, challenger for the 30th Gosei title earlier this year, overcame his July 3-0 defeat to Yoda Norimoto, by claiming his first title of the year in August – the Ryusei. However, the news only went public on Friday, when the match between him and Cho U Meijin was broadcast by tournament sponsor Sky-Perfec TV.

In the other major Japanese televised tournament, the NHK Cup, 9-dan Awaji Shuzo caused a minor upset by eliminating better-known 9-dan O Meien yesterday. Next Sunday’s match should also be interesting: the new holder of the Shinjin O title, Kim Sujun will take on Tengen titleholder Yamashita Keigo.

Finally, in the Guoshou, 2 of the 3 current favourites in the league, 7-dan Lin Zhihan and Xiao Zhenghao (3d) both played 2 games. Xiao beat Lin in one of the encounters – this means that Xiao now holds his tournament destiny in his own hands: if he wins his match against 6-dan Peng Jinghua, he will win the league with a 7-1 score, but if he loses, Chen Shien may be able to force a 3-way 6-2 tie at the top of the league with him and Lin Zhihan. These 3 players, along with 9-dan multiple title-holder Zhou Junxun, are currently dominating the Taiwanese Go scene.

(Image of Yuki Satoshi courtesy of Gobase)

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One Response to “Yuki Satoshi defeats Meijin in Ryusei final”

  1. Steve says:

    I posted: “The first semi-final of the Taiwanese Donggang Cup was also held yesterday: 3-dan Chen Yida eliminated 7-dan Dai Jiashen. The other semi-final between Chen Shien and Huang Xiangren, both 4-dans, will be held tomorrow.”

    This was a mistake in my source, the match between Chen Yida and Dai Jiashen will be held on 11 October. I have removed the paragraph from the main post.

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