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September 30th, 2005

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More on Aketa-sensei’s visit

Chris Visser sent the following e-mail to the Joburg club yesterday, but it applies as well to any player in Gauteng, and even players in the Western Cape (except that Aketa-sensei will be staying at Andrew Davies’ house while he is in the Western Cape):

Dear Gautengers,

I hope Pretoria and Soweto club members also read this mail.

The teacher, Aketa Katsuyuki, will arrive in Johannesburg on this coming Tuesday morning, October 04. I tried to get to Joburg in time to welcome him, but the best I could do was to get onto the same flight as his from Singapore. He and I will have plenty of time on the plane to discuss his plans, which include a visit to the Cape. Thus far, we have no dates fixed.

Many people have asked the question, “Which is his first name and which his family name, and how should we address him?” His family name is Aketa. His given name is Katsuyuki. In formal situations and in writing, he should be addressed as “Aketa-san” (meaning more or less the equivalent of “Mr Aketa”) or “Aketa-sensei” (meaning more or less “Teacher Aketa”). If you want him to teach you, it’s better to acknowledge his status as a teacher. If you’re Victor Chow, you can quite happily call him Aketa-san.

When you’re chatting with him about one of your games, it’s normal to call him simply “Sensei”.

While Aketa-sensei is in Johannesburg, he’ll stay in a hotel or B&B in the Rosebank/Emmarentia area. His expressed wish is to “play as much Go with South African players as possible”. I’ll take him to the Joburg Club meeting on Tuesday night. From then onward, please, everyone, be proactive. Invite him for a meal at your house, and he’ll teach you until you want to go to sleep. Invite him to your office at lunchtime for a game. Organise get-togethers. He teaches everybody, from beginners to dan players. Whatever happens, don’t let him sit around and be lonely. He doesn’t want to spend all his time with me (who would?). If we make his visit fruitful and successful, he is likely to spend a year or more teaching in South Africa. I don’t need to spell out the benefits to South African Go if that eventuates.

He’ll have a cell phone, and I’ll publish his number as soon as it’s known.


Chris Visser

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