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September 30th, 2005

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Japan out of Samsung Cup

The 3 remaining Japanese players in the Samsung Cup after the first round of the final phase were all knocked out in the second round earlier today. The second round was dominated by the Koreans with 6 of their 8 remaining representatives continuing to the quarter-finals. The other 2 players are Chinese: Hu Yaoyu (8d) eliminated the Korean 1-dan Yoo Jaeho, and Luo Xihe (9d) did well to defeat Song T’ae-kon. In the 8 matches of the second round, 7 were decided by resignation, with the other game between Yi Ch’ang-ho and Gu Li going in Yi’s favour by a half-point. The other 5 quarter-finalists remaining (besides Hu, Luo and Yi) are Yu Ch’ang-hyeok, Ch’oe Ch’eol-han, Cho Hun-hyeon, Kim Myeong-wan and Yi Se-tol.

Since both remaining Chinese players are in the same half of the draw, the Koreans are now guaranteed at least one finalist.

Yesterday, the Japanese Go scene was active as usual. Yoshida Mika (8d) defeated Kobayashi Izumi (6d) in the winner’s section final of the challenger decision tournament for the Female Meijin title.

Prelims were also on the Go for next years Meijin and Tengen titles:

The 31st Meijin is at the final stage of selecting next years’ 3 new league players. There are 3 groups, with each group winner qualifying for the league. In the 1st group, Kono Rin defeated So Yokoku in the semi-final, thus deciding Ko Iso’s opponent in the final. If Ko (4d) wins the game he will be promoted to 7-dan for qualifying for the league.
In the 3rd group, Rin Kaiho was eliminated by Enda Hideki (9d). Enda will face 7-dan Han Zenki in the final of group 3.

The Tengen uses a knockout tournament rather than a league to select a challenger, with 28 players qualifying through the preliminary phases in addition to a few players seeded into the tournament. In the last stage of the preliminaries, Kobayashi Koichi and Kim Sujun both advanced to the finals of their division.

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