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September 29th, 2005

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Cho goes 3-0 in Meijin final

Cho U continued his strong form in the Meijin title match yesterday and today, to go 3-0 up in the best-of-7 match. The challenger, Kobayashi Satoru, resigned after about 230 moves, when he was trailing by around 10 points. Kobayashi now faces kadoban, meaning, effectively: “one more loss and it’s over”. Cho is now in an incredibly strong position: in order to win, Kobayashi will have to pull off the “great comeback” in a Top-3 Japanese title, a feat only ever before accomplished 5 times – 3 times by Cho Chikun.

The final knockout tournament of the Samsung Cup kicked off yesterday – the first 2 rounds of the knockout tournament will happen this week, to reduce the field to 8 players, who will continue in mid-November. Some of the first round results were: Yi Se-tol eliminated Takao Shinji; 7-dan Korean Song T’ae-kon defeated Chinese number 2, Kong Jie (7d); Chen Shien (4d) was eliminated by Chinese Wang Xi (5d); Pak Yeong-hun was ousted by Hu Yaoyu, a 8-dan from China; Cho Chikun also saw the end of the road, going down by 1.5 points to the only 1-dan to qualify, Korean Yoo Jaeho; the only other player below 4-dan, Korean 2-dan Kim Jiseok lost to Yoda Norimoto; Rui Naiwei was also eliminated, going down to Japanese 6-dan Tsuruyama Atsushi. This years’ Samsung Cup has shorter time limits than before – now each player only gets 2 hours of main time. Some game records and short game summaries are available at Go4Go. the first round started with 17 Koreans, 9 Chinese and 6 Japanese – after the first round, all the countries have half of their representatives still remaining (rounding going in China’s favour)

Finally, in the Taiwanese Guoshou (National Champion) title, 3-dan Xiao Zhenghao defeated favourite 7-dan Lin Zhihan in the 9-player league. This makes Xiao the only player with only 1 loss, and puts him in a strong position to win the title. His major competitors are Lin Zhihan and Chen Shien, who are first and second on the Taiwan win-loss table. Xiao is currently third on the table.

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