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September 26th, 2005

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Kim Sujun is the Japanese New Star

Kim Sujun (7d) won his first title (in six challenges) on Friday, when he defeated Iyama Yuta (4d) again in the second game of the 30th Shinjin O (King of the New Stars) final, clinching the title with his 2-0 victory.

At the Kansai Ki-in, 8-dan Yoshida Mika has won the Kansai Lady’s tournament – her victory over Konishi Kazuko(8d) was televised on TV Osaka over the last two Sundays.

The main feature on the pro scene this week is the Samsung Cup final: the final 32 players take each other on at Taejon in Korea, with the first knockout round on Wednesday, and the second on Friday. After that, there is a long break until mid-November, when the remaining 8 will meet in Taejon again.

In Friday’s first game of the KBS Cup final, Yi Ch’ang-ho started well with a 7.5 point victory over his opponent, Yoo Changhyuk.

Thursday in Japanese pro go was busy, as usual:
-Ko Iso continued in his quest to reach 7-dan by joining the 31st Meijin league, when he caused another upset by eliminating Hane Naoki Kisei in the preliminaries to the final. Ko’s next opponent will be determined on Thursday – if he wins, he gains entry to the league and immediate promotion to 7-dan. His opponent will be either Tengen challenger Kono Rin (7d) or 8-dan So Yokoku, who has the most pro victories this year.

-The second finalist for the Okan challenger decision match was also decided, when Nakane Naoyuki (8d) beat 9-dan Nakano Hironari. Nakane will face Yamashiro Hiroshi (9d) in the final.

-In the 44th Judan challenger decision tournament, Takao Shinji defeated O Rissei to claim his place in the winners’ final, where he will play 9-dan Mimura Tomoyasu.

-In the 31st Gosei, 3 big names completed the preliminary final phase to qualify for the challenger decision tournament: Otake Hideo, Takemiya Masaki and Kobayashi Koichi.

While Otake is making progress in his current games, he lost his 2 games which were televised this weekend: in the NHK cup, he was eliminated by Yamada Kimio (8d), and in the Ryusei he was denied a place in the final by Yuki Satoshi. Yuki’s opponent in the final is Cho U Meijin, who proceeded to the final thanks to a semi-final forfeit by Cho Chikun.

In China, the National Go Individual tournament as well as the National Women Individual tournament came to an end this weekend. While these tournament does not have a prize fund, and as a result many top pros don’t participate, the competition is still fierce, with many pros participating. This years’ winner of the Go Individual tournament was 4-dan pro Chen Yaoye, a former LG Cup quarter-finalist. Runner-up was Xie He, a 21-year old 5-dan pro. Xie is a previous winner of this tournament, as well as being a Samsung cup semi-finalist and challenger for the prestigious Tianyuan title in the past. In the Women Individual tournament, the winner and runner-up were both amateurs: Wang Xiangyun and Wang Qing. According to Chinese professional system, as winner of the women individual tournament, Wang Xiangyun will automatically be awarded pro status as a 1-dan.

(Image of Kim Sujun from the Nihon Ki-in website)

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  1. Steve says:

    By the way, this was Kim’s last chance at the Shinjin O title – Kim, who was born in Korea, and was a student of Cho Chikun, is 26 years old – but from next years’ tournament the age limit for the Shinjin O is being reduced from 30 to 25.

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