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September 20th, 2005

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Yuki wins League A of 30th Kisei

In last Thursday’s game in league A of the 30th Kisei, Yuki Satoshi (9d) defeated 9-dan Honda Kunihisa, to remain unbeaten in the league at 4-0. With 1 match to go, the worst he can do is lose his last match, and end at 4-1. In that case, he will end tied with 8-dan Kato Atsushi at the top of the league. However, the higher ranked player receives preference in such a situation in the Kisei leagues, so Yuki has effectively already won the right to play the winner of league B to decide the challenger for the Kisei title. That match is usually held in November.

Tomorrow sees two big games on the Korean tournament scene: the second game in the best-of-5 final between Yi Ch’ang-ho and Ch’oe Ch’eol-han is undoubtedly going to be a titanic struggle, while the Pro Senior title will be decided one way or another with the last game of the final between Kim Dongyeop and defending champion Jang Sooyong.

Finally, an interesting bit of trivia: Hane Ranka, child of Hane Naoki (holder of the Kisei title) and his pro wife Hane Shigeko, turns 5 today. Ranka is another Japanese nickname for Go.

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