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September 20th, 2005

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SAGA ranks updated; SAGC ranks synchronized

SAGA released updated ranks until the end of August this morning, and as is our standard practice, our SAGC ranks have been reset to these ranks where they differed. In the four and a half months since the last update, there seems to have been a lot of improvement in the mid-kyu ranks: there have been about 100 rank changes, with about 90 of them being promotions. These promotions are spread over about 50 players. The greatest improvements in SAGA rankings have been Louis de Jager (improved from beginner to 20 kyu) and Chris Welsh (23 kyu to 17 kyu). Other players gaining 3 or 4 ranks are Serdyn du Toit, Mosa Diphafe, Henk Hoving, Hennie de Villiers, Johannes van der Horst, Alex Siemers, Hugo van der Merwe, James Gelant, Guillaume Binet, and EXCISED001. See the new promotions, as well as the current participation points standings, on the SAGA rankings page

The most notable promotion on the latest list is Reinhardt’s promotion to 2 kyu – congratulations.

With the synchronization to SAGA ranks, there have been a number of changes to the SAGC ratings. While a great majority of the players’ ranks either remained unchanged, or shifted up (21 players) or down (7 players) 1 rank. 9 players, however have been double promoted on the SAGC system (new ranks in brackets): Christina Auret (11k), Andries Kruger (11k), Hugo van der Merwe (14k), Alex Siemers (19k), Timothy Spring (21k), Adrian Thom (22k), Henk Hoving (23k), PW Butler (25k) and Eugene Terblanche (25k).

Other new SAGC ranks are: Reinhardt Messerschmidt (2k), Dave Gale (3k), Lloyd Rubidge (4k), Steve Kroon (5k), EXCISED001 (7k), Dirk du Plessis (7k), Charl du Plessis (8k), Florian Breuer (8k), Jaco Briers (9k), Jonathan Jones (11k), James Gelant (11k), Alan Thompson (13k), Sello Leopeng (13k), Willem Joubert Jnr (14k), Carle Joubert (14k), Andrew Clur (14k), Feng Lei (15k), Ben Bredenkamp (16k), Hanno Botha (17k), Richard Clark (19k), Johannes van der Horst (19k), Louis de Jager (20k), Grant Webb (21k), Hennie de Villiers (21k), Moosa Phafe (24k), Quinton Hoole (23k), Wim Conradie (29k), and Iain Lawrie (29k).

You can view your current SAGC Ratings by clicking on the “SAGC ratings” button in the left-hand top menu.

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