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September 19th, 2005

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Kobayashi Satoru eliminated from Ryusei

This weekend, the pro Go scene was quiet as usual, with the main tournament developments being on the televised tournaments. In the Ryusei (Japanese for Dragon Star), Kobayashi Satoru resigned his game against Honorary Gosei, Otake Hideo. Otake is known to Westerners as the author of “Opening Theory Made Easy”. Kobayashi is still in the running in the NHK Cup, the other major open televised Japanese pro event. In that event, his opponent in the next round was decided yesterday, So Yokoku, 8-dan, eliminated Honorary Tengen, Rin Kaiho.

These honorary titles are awarded to certain pros for excellent historical performance in the relevant tournament. Although the rules differ between tournaments, Otake was awarded Honorary Gosei for holding the Gosei title in 6 successive years – he took it from Cho Chikun in 1980, and lost it to Cho again in 1986. In the first 11 terms of the Gosei, Otake was in the title match 10 times, with 4 of the matches against Cho Chikun. Similarly, Rin held the Tengen title for 5 successive terms: 1989 to 1993.

In the Korean Baduk league, which is a league of 8 4-player teams, Team Net Marble established themselves as the only unbeaten team in the league after 5 games (they have 2 draws). Despite team leader for Team Holy Construction Pak Yeong-hun Gisung, defeating his opposing team leader, Mok Jinseok (9d), the rest of his team lost their matches, giving Net Marble a 3-1 victory. In the league, there is one 4-game match each week. Corresponding team members play each other from Thursday to Sunday: the number 4 spots on Thursday, and the team leaders facing each other on Sunday.

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