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September 16th, 2005

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Yamada defeats Kobayashi Satoru for last Honinbo league spot

For 3 weeks, the full 61st Honinbo league line-up was known, except for the final qualifying spot, which was up for grabs between Kobayashi Satoru (9d) and Yamada Kimio (8d). The current Meijin challenger, Kobayashi, was beaten by a convincing margin of 5.5 points. The full line-up for the league to determine a challenger for Takao Shinji, is: Cho U , Cho Sonjin, O Meien, O Rissei, Yoda Norimoto, Yamada Kimio, Hane Naoki, and So Yokoku (8d). Cho U and Hane must be considered favourites: between them, they currently hold 8 titles.

In the first game of the final of the Shinjin O, Kim Sujun took the lead, defeating Iyama Yuta by resignation. The second game of the best-of-3 final is next Friday.

In the other big tournaments, Yamashita Keigo was sent to the loser’s section of the Judan challenger decision match. Already in the losers’ section, Cho U and Kobayashi Satoru stayed in the tournament winning their games yesterday. In yesterday’s Kisei League A game, Yuki Satoshi (9d) beat Honda Kunihisa (9d) to maintain his unbeaten record and position at the top of the league.

In the Korean SK Gas Cup League B, Pak Ji-eun lost for the first time in her final match, against 2-dan Jin Donggyu. As a result of ending 4-1, she must now participate in a league playoff against Ko Geuntae (3d) – sure to be an explosive game!

The Korean Pro Senior tournament will go the distance in the best-of-3 final after Jang Sooyong clobbered Kim Dongyeop by 13.5 points in the second game on Wednesday to draw level at 1-1.

In the Kuksu, Yi Ch’ang-ho won his confrontation with Cho Hun-hyeon, to advance to the final of the winners’ section of the Kuksu challenger decision tournament. Cho has been sent to the semi-final of the losers’ section.

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2 Responses to “Yamada defeats Kobayashi Satoru for last Honinbo league spot”

  1. Flo says:

    Steve, aren’t you confusing Kobayashi Satoru and Kobayashi Koichi?

  2. Steve says:

    Thanks for the correction, Flo. I am talking about Kobayashi Satoru, but Kobayashi Koichi won the IGS World Rapid Champs. I have removed the reference in the main article.

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