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September 13th, 2005

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Chang Hao and Yi Ch’ang-ho play 369 move no-result

Chang Hao and Yi Ch’ang-ho met recently in the 2005 Southern Great Wall Cup, a China-Korea playoff with $30000 up for grabs. However, time limits are only 50 minutes a side, shorter than almost all the matches played at these players’ level, and with a game that turned out to be a ko-lover’s dream, the game eventually turned out to take 369 moves, making an already bad situation worse.

What made this result interesting, is that in the endgame a fight for the last few points developed into a “cyclic quadruple ko” – this basically means that there are 4 ko’s on the board, with some of the ko’s having big followups. As I understand it, these 2 big follow-up ko’s (from a double-ko, in fact) were being used as ko threats to try and grab the last few points in the other ko’s on the board. This eventually turned into a repeating cycle, with neither player willing to back down, and a no result was declared.

In the post-game analysis with other pros, however, it turned out that if Black (Yi) had backed down, he would actually still have won the game by 2.5 points using Chinese scoring – which was being employed for the match. Unfortunately for Yi, the high time pressure meant that he had not had time to count the game that accurately in this complicated situation.

To look at the game, download it here, or click here for the online replayer.

(Today’s news and game record from Go Game World)

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