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September 12th, 2005

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Reinhardt promoted; qualifies for Challengers’ League

Reinhardt beat Daniel in a last-minute game in the Western Cape Closed, to gain his second victory in Preliminary Round 3B, thus clinching victory in the pool. This means that Reinhardt takes the last open spot in the Western Cape Meijin Challengers’ League, joining Jaco Swanepoel, David Richfield, Lloyd Rubidge, Andrew Davies and Shuitao Fan in the six-player round robin to decide a challenger that will take Konrad Scheffler on for the title of 1st Western Cape Meijin.

Also, with the addition of the Joburg club to the SAGC rating system, some game results from the past few months between clubs could be incorporated into the ratings. As a result of Reinhardt’s successive wins against Leander Gaum and Sipho Mampe (both 2 kyus) in the first two rounds of the SA Candidates’ tournament, he has been promoted to 3 kyu, the second Stellenbosch club member ever to achieve this rank.

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