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September 12th, 2005

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JHB Go Club on SAGC Ranking System

JHB Go Club is now on the South African Go Clubs ranking system (ex-Stellenbosch ranking system); see links below. All recorded club games from the 7th of May 2005 have been entered into the system. Steve Kroon will be entering in the games from SAGA tournaments (SA Closed qualifier) and the recent Internet Tournament today.

The July Handicap results will be entered, it is hoped, soon. The actual results are in the process of being tracked down.

As the last comment may have suggested, the ranking system has not been working as it should over the last few months, and this has shown in a lack of attention to detail.

The inclusion of JHB into the SAGC ranks should change that as ranks will be updated on a weekly basis and you will be able to check your progress online. The eventual aim is, I think, to merge these and SAGA ranks to together for one rank, but, until that day, JHB members will have two ranks, SAGC and SAGA.

Please do go check out the site (links below) and read the FAQ at the end of this mail.

**Rankings online Link**

Player Ratings

**Explanation of ranking system**

How they work

**Ranking FAQ, PLEASE READ**

#So, what rank do I use at the Club and Club Tournaments (Handicap, JHB Open)?

The SAGC rank.

#I looked at the list on the website and I don’t see my name?

If your name is not on the site, that means you haven’t played a recorded game since the 7th of May 2005.

#How do I get a SAGC rank?

Come to the club, play a game, and then record it. Your name and rank will be added onto the system. Your current SAGA rank will be your point of departure.

#My SAGC rank doesn’t look right, what gives?

The more games you play and record, the quicker your rank will stabilise. Please be patient.

#I looked at my index and log-file and my index points started at 0 on the 7th of May, what gives?

To get the system up and running, everyone’s index started at 0 for the SAGC ranks. Your SAGA index still remains, and that will be updated when SAGA updates its ranks.

#Are the SAGC ranking algorithms the same as SAGA’s?

No. SAGC uses a slightly simpler algorithm, which was created by David Richfield.

#How are games entered into the system?

First you play a game at the Club or at a Club tournament. Then you record the game (I’ve always found the best way to do this is for the winner to fill out the record sheet and get the loser to sign immediately after the game has finished. No one will take offence at this, and it will ensure that your wins get recorded). A volunteer at the Club (Ben, Dale, etc.) will then enter the games into the system via the website. You can then verify that the details are correct by visiting the site and checking the log-file. It is up to you to have a look every so often.

#What about participation points for the WAGC? I don’t see any.

Participation points are SAGA function, not a SAGC function. SAGA will be able to get your game records from the site to enter into its ranking system.

#What’s this about free games?

The games on the SAGC system have three weighting. Free or teaching games get a weight of 0 (no points are awarded for these games), normal club games get a factor of 1, and tournament games get a factor 1.5. It is assumed, unless otherwise noted on the sheet, that all the games on the record sheet are normal games.

#How did all of this come about?

JHB works as a collective, and in that spirit, Ben Gale and Dale Morris have picked up the baton on the issue of ranks after seeing that things were not working as they should. They then had an email discussion with Steve Kroon (aka God of Go), and, bang, here we are with a online and updated-weekly ranking system. Thanks to them all.

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