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September 9th, 2005

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Yamashita to challenge for Oza

Yamashita Keigo started the game that would decide the challenger for the Oza title in October with 2 moves on the 5-3 points yesterday. His opponent, 9-dan Nakaonoda Tomomi, was forced to resign after 189 moves. Yamashita, who currently holds the Tengen title, was prevented from challenging for the Meijin title, losing to current challeger Kobayashi Satoru in a playoff resulting from a tie in the Meijin league.

Yesterday also saw the first game in the final matches of 2 Korean titles. In the GS Caltex Cup, defending champion Yi Ch’ang-ho forced Kuksu title-holder Ch’oe Ch’eol-han to resign in the first game of the best-of-five final, and in the Pro Senior Cup, 8-dan Kim Dongyeop, who eliminated Seo Bongsoo in the semi-final, took the first game of the final by 11.5 points against 9-dan Jang Sooyong.

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