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September 6th, 2005

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Yu Bin to challenge Gu Li for Mingren title

Yu Bin recovered from his loss in the first game of the best-of-3 challenger decision match against Luo Xihe, winning the next two games yesterday and today. All 3 games in the match were decided by resignation. He will face Gu Li, the current Mingren titleholder, in the final.

It seems the Female Myeongin Korean title is set for fireworks. After 6-dan Cho Hye-yeon, the Female Kuksu title holder, was relegated to the loser’s division of the double elimination tournament in the first round by 1-dan Lee Hajin, she has won all her games to reach the challenger decision match for the title. The winner will challenge Rui Naiwei, popularly considered to be the best female player ever, for the title. Rui is the only female to have qualified for the Samsung Cup final earlier this year, and also the only female pro to have held an open title (i.e. not ladies only). However, based on Korea’s recently released rating list, Rui is not the most highly rated female player in Korea, but only the third best (at number 42). She is topped by two players, at numbers 34 and 35. Cho is the player at number 35, and number 34, Pak Chi-eun, is her opponent in the challenger decision match. If anyone is unconvinced of Pak’s pedigree, she also recently defeated Rui in a jubango (ten-game match).

Finally, Chinese 9-dan Chang Hao’s bad luck continued today, when he was eliminated from the Chinese Agon Cup in the semi-final by 7-dan Qiu Jun.

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