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August 30th, 2005

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Kim Namhun defeats Furuya Yutaka; more about Cheon Seu Wien

7-dan Korean amateur Kim Namhun continued his string of upsets in the Samsung Cup preliminaries yesterday, eliminating Kansai Ki-in 7-dan Furuya Yutaka, to claim his place in the final 32 in the preliminaries. The remaining 32 are paired off, and the 16 winners of the matches taking place today, qualify for berths in the Samsung Cup finals. Kim’s opponent today is Korean 7-dan Kim Myeong-wan.

Otherwise, the biggest upset in yesterday’s matches was the elimination of elite Chinese player, Chang Hao (9-dan). Chang, a previous winner of the Ing Cup (as well as the World Amateur Go Championship before turning pro), was eliminated by Wang Lei, a Chinese 5-dan.

Some of the top players remaining in the last 32, are female world number 1, Rui Naiwei (kr 9d), An Tal-hun (kr 6d), and Cho Han-seung (kr 8d). 21 of the remaining 32 are Koreans, with 12 of them ranked 4-dan or lower. Japan’s 6 remaining players, on the other hand, are all ranked 6-dan or above.

A number of the remaining low-dan Korean players will be familiar names to the readers of our pro news: Kang Dongyun (3d) (who will face Wang Lei today), Ko Geuntae (3d), On Sojin and Kim Jiseok. On and Kim, 2 of the 3 remaining 2-dans, face each other today.

Another well-known Korean rising star in the top 32 is Cheon Seu Wien (3d) (aka Chen Shien). Cheon is an interesting player: he’s a Taiwanese 20-year old, who turned pro in Korea in 2000, after training in Seoul at the Go school of Kweon Kap-yong (6d) – the same school where Yi Se-tol and Ch’oe Ch’eol-han trained. He was promoted to 2-dan in 2001, and is now a 3-dan. He is now also a 3-dan pro at the Taiwanese Go institute. In Taiwan, he dominates the pro go scene, together with Lin Zhihan (7d). Lin and Cheon both have 28 wins this year, topping the win-loss table, but Cheon has only 6 losses compared to Lin’s 17. On the other hand, Cheon’s performance in Korea seems poor – he qualified for the SK Gas Cup New Stars tournament, but lost all 5 of his games in League A. This performance is put into perspective when one realises that Cheon’s last 2 victories in the preliminaries of the Samsung Cup were against Yang Chae-ho and Ch’oe Kyu-pyeong, both 9-dan Korean pros: this seemingly poor performance by Cheon can be entirely attributed to the incredible rivalry of the new low-ranked pros, who are often stronger than their higher-ranked counterparts.

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One Response to “Kim Namhun defeats Furuya Yutaka; more about Cheon Seu Wien”

  1. Steve says:

    Update: Kim Namhun didn’t actually beat Furuya Yutaka – Furuya forfeited the game. (Source: AGA E-Journal)

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