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August 30th, 2005

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And the 16 new Samsung Cup finalists are….

In the end, 3 points separated amateur Kim Namhun from a Samsung Cup final berth, going down against Kim Myeong-wan (kr 7d) in his match today.

The other players to claim berths in the final were: Rui Naiwei (kr 9d), Yun Junsang (kr 4d), Yi Heui-seong (kr 6d) (beat Ko Geuntae), Mizokami Tomochika (jp 8d), Paek Hongsuk (kr 4d) (beat An Tal-hun), Li Zhe (cn 4d), Kim Jiseok (kr 2d) (beat On Sojin), Yoo Jaeho (kr 1d) (beat Yi Seong-chae (kr 7d)), Tsuruyama Atsushi (jp 6d) (won on time against Kim Sujun (jp 7d)), Cheon Seu Wien (kr 3d), Lee Jungwoo (kr 5d), Wang Lei (cn 5d) (beat Kang Dongyun), Cho Han-seung (kr 8d), Luo Xihe (cn 9d) and Piao Wenyao (cn 4d).

That’s 10 Koreans, 4 Chinese and 2 Japanese.

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2 Responses to “And the 16 new Samsung Cup finalists are….”

  1. Steve says:

    Cho Han-seung’s victory shifted him past Ch’oe Ch’eol-han to the top of the Korean win-loss record table for 2005: his record is now 43:18.

  2. Steve says:

    It turns out that Kim Namhun is a former first-class Korean insei, who couldn’t qualify to become a pro due to the intense competition for the few professional positions available each year. (source:

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