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August 25th, 2005

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Kang Dongyun wins Osram Cup

In weekend news I missed, Kang Dongyun, 3 dan, won the third and deciding game in his final match against Lee Yeongku, 4-dan, to win the Osram Cup – the Korean New Stars Cup. Dongyun has been having a great year, also qualifying for the Korean Team in the Nongshim Cup. To claim one of the 4 unseeded places up for grabs, he had to defeat Song T’ae-kon, 7-dan (a previous runner-up in the international Fujitsu Cup) and Yi Se-tol, 9-dan (current holder of 3 international titles) in succession along the way.

Ch’oe Ch’eol-han is to face the other Yi in his next final: after defeating Yi Se-tol in the Zhonghuan Cup this weekend, Ch’oe will take on defending GS Caltex Cup Champion, Yi Ch’ang-ho in the best-of-3 final in September. Yi won the opportunity to defend his title, by forcing Cho Han-seung to resign in one semifinal on Tuesday, and Ch’oe won the right to challenge him when he defeated Pak Yeong-hun Kiseong yesterday (also by resignation).

The Korean team for the Jeongganjang Cup – the Ladies’ Team World Cup, has been finalised. The team will be led by Pak Chi-eun, 5-dan, who lost to Rui Naiwei in the deciding final match last year. Rui represented China last year, despite being a registered Korean pro. Rui is of Chinese descent, but left China in 1989. Since playing in Korea, she has become the only women ever to hold an open pro title – in 1999 she won the Korean Kuksu title. The rest of the Korean team is Yi Min-chin (4-dan), Yi Yeong-sin (4-dan), Yi Ta-hye (3-dan), and Kim Eunseon (2-dan) – it would seem Rui will play for China again this year.

Also on this week is the World Youth Go Championship. This tournament, now in its 22nd year, is part of the Ing Foundation’s annual calendar for raising world-wide awareness of Go. The Ing Foundation was founded by Taiwanese business tycoon, Ing Chang-ki. This year’s tournament is being held in Barcelona, Spain, and features a senior section for 13-18 year-olds (12 players), and a junior section for players 12 years and under (8 players). Previous well-known participants include Chang Hao, Gu Li, Yi Ch’ang-ho, Yi Se-tol and Pak Yeong-hun. Some of the games are being relayed by wygc on KGS, and more information can be found on the championship website.

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