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August 25th, 2005

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Cape Town changes – and remember the AGM next week

Cape Town club welcomes two new members at 30 kyu: Steven Dawson and Elrico Heinen.

Western Cape rank changes after Tuesday’s games at the Cape Town club: Henk has been promoted to 26 kyu, James was promoted to 12 kyu after beating Konrad on 9 stones, and Charl was promoted to 9 kyu after beating Steve in an even game.

Finally, next Tuesday is the first official Annual General Meeting of the Cape Town Club – the club will be adopting a constitution and electing a committee to handle the admin of the club and represent the club in external affairs. Obviously, if you feel you’re a member of the Cape Town club, you’re welcome (and encouraged) to attend the meeting. Also, if you’re willing to serve on the committee, please let Konrad know.

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