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August 25th, 2005

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A commented game for beginners, online replayer available

Hugo has kindly provided us a commented version of two of Cape Town’s new players, Steven Dawson and Elrico Heinen, both 30 kyus. In the game, Hugo highlights the importance of playing stones efficiently: not making defensive moves prematurely, and avoiding the empty triangle, for which he provides a couple of common alternatives. He also has a comment or two on taking the whole board and the safety of both players’ groups into account when trying to decide on ones’ next moves.

One can download the commented game here, or you can view it in our new online replayer here.

Please note that the online replayer is in beta, and under development – if you find a bug, please mail me about it by clicking on “Report Bug”. Also use this link if you’d like to request further features.

If you would like to view an older game on the site using the replayer, please let me know, and I’ll add a link for the online replaying.

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3 Responses to “A commented game for beginners, online replayer available”

  1. Chris says:

    Thanks Steve, Hugo for this. I think there would be great merit in a wider range of skill levels of commented games (both players and commenters). Games between dan players and low kyu players provide only limited benefit to very high kyu players, and in general, I believe players could have much to learn from commented games between players, say, 5k-10k ahead of them.

    I would like to encourage all club players to record their games if possible, and get them commented, either by other club members, or perhaps one of the online resources, such as the Go Teaching Ladder.

    The online player is very nice. Does the software not support fast forward/rewind, end/beginning buttons?

  2. Steve says:

    I agree with that stuff you just said 😉

    I have passed on your queries about fast forward etc, as feature requests to the author. I would prefer not to do development work on the software myself, since it may cause trouble merging my changes with later updates of the software.

    Technically, the whole sgf is not loaded at once, since the replayer was designed to work effectively with a joseki dictionary. This means, it often doesn’t have moves far ahead or far back stored (this is also why there is a bug with moving backwards and captured stones).

  3. Hugo says:

    Hmm, even worse, the online player does not seem to support showing marked stones. My comments often refer to “the marked stones”, but in the online viewer the stones do not appear as such.

    Something to bear in mind if you use the online viewer to browse the sgf.

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