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August 19th, 2005

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Betty’s Tearoom?

Ben Gale writes:

Claire found a new venue for us that is quite promising. It’s called “Betty’s Tearoom” and it’s a cafe, sort of on the Braamfontein/Emmarentia/Melville border. Tristen and I (and I would assume Claire) are very impressed with it. Currently they are only open during the day on Tuesdays, but would like to open at nights too. Initially this would be just for our benefit, but I’m sure they will expand.


They should be able to accommodate all of us at any time. Room both inside and outside.

-Friendly hosts
Seem like really nice guys and more than willing to have us.

Secure parking available

Cheap menu in terms of both meals and drinks. And they are happy with what we were doing at Full Stop etc, ie a limited number of drinks/meals and R50 for the waiter.

It’s near to our old venues, an area that seems relatively central for most.

Could come in handy next time we’re playing Internet games.


-Coffee shop/cafe
Some people feel the need to move back to a rec centre as we might get evicted less often.

Apparently the lights upstairs are not so bright, but this should not be too much of a problem as they are planning on bringing in more lighting.

Tristen and I have seen the place and we don’t really feel a great need to keep looking for a different venue. But of course there are still many options open. (By the way, the other venue that I was looking into, Mark’s Park, seems quite unpromising). But feel free to voice any other opinions/suggestions, there are many people in this club, let’s hear what you guys have to say. Eg we were going to look into rec centres, other coffee shops/restaurants, and maybe schools or corporate venues. If we want to start using this venue next Tuesday, we need to let the owners know by Monday morning. So everyone who is still looking into other venues, make your move. If we can’t come up with a better plan soon, we’ll post the address and street map, probably late Monday.

Hope we hear from you…

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3 Responses to “Betty’s Tearoom?”

  1. jaco says:

    The Cape Town club plays in candle light. 🙂

  2. tristen says:

    As dim as Cape Town may be, Steve seems to be a bright spark when posting, beating me to it. 😉

  3. konrad says:

    It’s part of the handicap – black can see his opponent’s moves, but white has to guess…

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