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August 19th, 2005

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Another upset in WC Closed; Stb Club gets 50th member; Rank Changes

In a very well-played game, EXCISED001 (9k) has thrown the final spot in the Miejin Challenger’s League wide open by defeating favourite Reinhardt Messerschmidt (4k). EXCISED001, playing Black, built a large, relatively solid moyo at the beginning of the game, but Reinhardt successfully invaded, and further reduced the moyo until he was about arouund 5 points ahead going into the final phase of the endgame. Unfortunately for him, EXCISED001 managed to capture some stones in the dying moments to clinch the victory by 5.5. The victory earned EXCISED001 promotion to 8 kyu. Hugo also beat Steve on 7 handicap last night, earning him a promotion to 15 kyu, and Steve was demoted to 6 kyu.

Stellenbosch Club would like to welcome it’s newest members: James Limbouris and Thomas Lawrie. Their membership of the club brings our numbers to 50.

On a related note, those at the club last night may have noticed a shortage of sets. This is despite some players bringing multiple sets to the club. Please make the effort to bring your set along to the club, if possible.

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