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August 18th, 2005

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WC Closed news, Rank Changes

Tuesday saw two games from the 3rd prelim rounds in the Western Cape Closed completed. In one game, Jaco Swanepoel completely outplayed Steve Kroon to advance to 2 wins in pool 3A. If he now beats Christina, who he usually would have to give 7 stones to in a handicap game, he will advance to the Challengers’ League with 3 wins. With 2 losses, Steve has been elminated from the tournament. In Pool 3B, Daniel Wium took Flo Breuer on. With a dual ni-ren-sei opening, it quickly developed into a battle of moyo’s. When Daniel had the upper hand, Flo was forced to play aggresively to enter Daniel’s moyo, and didn’t reinforce a group sufficiently. This allowed Daniel to capture about seven stones forming the upper wall of Flo’s moyo, and Flo was forced to resign. The game record is available here.

The Cape Town club must have had record or near-record attendance on Tuesday night, with at least 18 players arriving in the course of the evening. We welcome Dalene Goosen to the club, who has been entered on the rating system as a 30 kyu. Other new players at the club were Elrico Henen and Steven Dawson.

Rank changes for the evening (new WC ranks in brackets): Henk (27k), Timothy (23k).

Update: Flo has commented his game against Daniel – download here. He also adds that if any stronger player has more comments, or other opinions on his comments, they would be appreciated. (Just edit the SGF file, and mail me the new version.)

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