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August 18th, 2005

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All-Korean final in Zhonghuan Cup

Tuesday say two Japanese and two Koreans advance to the semi-finals of the 2nd Zhonghuan Cup. Unfortunately for Japan, both semi-finals were Japan-Korea clashes. Although the semi-finals were decided by 2.5 and 1.5 points, both Japanese title holders Hane Naoki (Kisei) and Yoda Norimoto (Gosei), were eliminated: Ch’oe Ch’eol-han eliminated Yoda, while Yi Se-tol continued on his international rampage defeating Hane. So far, Yi has only lost one game in an international tournament – in a best-of-3 final match. His domestic record this year, however, is nowhere near as impressive as that, but “only” a respectable 36-13.

The Samsung Cup is also getting going in Korea now, and the young Korean pros are demonstrating quite clearly that their awarded ranks do not reflect their strength. So far, the only matches completed are those between players of the same nationality. 39 matches have been completed, 37 between Koreans. Of the 35 matches between players of differing ranks, only 13 have gone as the rankings would have predicted – leaving 22 upsets. Not all of these upsets have been major, but 4 feature a 1- or 2-dan defeating an 8- or 9-dan. Funnily, 6 of the involved players have the family name Kim – while this is a common family name in Korea, we see no Yi’s or Cho’s, also common family names, with dominant Go players.

Particulars of the upsets: On Sojin (2d) bt. Kim Jaegu (8d), Kim Jiseok (2d) bt. Kim Dongmyeon (8d), Han Hae-weon (2d) bt. Kim Il-hwan (9d), and Kim Daehee (1d) bt Kim Seong-ryong (9d).

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