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August 16th, 2005

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Lin wins US Open, Chinese 5-dan wins Korean Children’s Baduk Champs

So there’s no real pro news today, except that the 1-dan female Chinese pro, who now lives with her husband in America, Xuefen Lin, won the US Open, dropping only one game in the tournament.

News from the youth is that a 13-year old girl was part of the winning team in the US Pair Go Champs, also held at the US Go Congress. The young Cherry Shen will accompany her Go partner Joey Hung to the next World Pair Go Champs in Japan later this year. However, unsurprisingly the Orientals continue to dominate Go in the youth scene: the 5th Korean Life Insurance Cup Children Baduk Championship recently finished. This is a popular tournament in Korea, with around 100 selected participants in two groups (this year saw over 11000 applications for the tournament). Foreign players were invited to participate for the first time this year: 1 player each from Russia, Thailand, Romania and America, and 3 each from China, Taiwan and Japan. The Japanese, Chinese and Taiwanese players were placed in the “Best Group” of 32 players, and the winner of the 5-round Swiss was the 12-year old 5-dan Chinese boy Dang Yi-Fei. Another Chinese youth took seventh place, but the rest of the top 10 were taken by Koreans.

The other 64 players in the tournament (including the Western and Thai representatives) were put in the “Second Best Group”, and played a 3-round swiss to identify the top 8 players (players with 3 wins) – these 8 progressed to a knockout phase. However, only one non-Korean scored a victory – Thai Parinthorn Triamsasithorn won his first round game to place 36th in the second-best group. The American representative, Calvin Sun, who placed 58th, is an AGA-rated 5-dan, to give an indication of the playing level of these youths. For more complete results of the tournament see the post on this Russian forum.

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