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August 8th, 2005

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Taiwanese Tengen eliminated from National Championship by 3-dan

In the Taiwanese National Championship, where the Guoshou title is up for grabs, Zhou Junxun has been working his way through the preliminaries. Zhou successfully retained his Tianyuan (Tengen) title against Lin Zhihan 7-dan just last month, but was ousted in the Guoshou group 4 final by 3-dan Xiao Zhenghao. This means Xiao goes on to the 9-player league to determine the first holder of the Guoshou title. A number of matches in this league have already been played, with Chen Shien 3-dan already showing up a number of stronger players, Lin Zhihan 7-dan, Dai Jiashen 7-dan and, yesterday, Peng Jinghua 6-dan. His 3-1 record in the league is the best so far together with Lin Zhihan. These 2 players also have the most wins on the Taiwanese professional scene this year: Lin has a 26-15 record so far, while Chen’s record is a remarkable 24-5.

In Korea, Ch’oe Ch’eol-han claimed victories by resignation against both Song Taekon 7-dan and Jiang Zhujiu 9-dan over the weekend. These victories qualify Ch’oe for the last vacant spot in the final phase of the KPI Cup.

Finally, Alexandre Dinerchtein claimed his 6th European Open title, and his 4th one in a row by defeating Kim Dong Chan a 7-dan Korean amateur in the 10th round. Catalin Taranu finished 7th, and Ilja Shikshin 8th. For full results, click here.

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