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August 8th, 2005

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Konrad retains WC title in 2005

In a bizarre twist of fate, no player managed to win all three of his or her games at the 2005 Western Cape Open. Konrad defeated Reinhardt and Bernard, so despite his loss against Andrew, managed to retain his title of Western Cape Go Champion and win a R220 prize voucher (this amount was so high because no-one managed to claim the prizes that were advertised for winning all three games). Second place went to Reinhardt, who defeated Lloyd and Bernard. Third place went to Andrew.

The divisional winners were:
5-10k: Daniƫl Wium (6th overall)
11-15k: Christina Auret (12th overall)
16k and below: Lei Feng (13th overall)

For the full results, see the Western Cape Open page.

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