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August 8th, 2005

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Gauteng-Western Cape Internet showdown

I’ve replaced the original post here, with the latest announcement from Konrad:

The Western Cape vs Gauteng internet match will take place in the South African Room on KGS (Rooms->National->South African Room), starting at 19h30 tomorrow (Tuesday) night. Handicaps will be 4 stones less than the difference between SAGA ranks on the May 2005 list (sorry, this seems to be the latest full one that has been released). Colours for handicap games will be determined on the day by nigiri on the top board (colours below are given as red and green – after nigiri we’ll know which of these corresponds to black and which to white).

Japanese rules, 6.5 komi, time limits of 45 minutes plus 20 stones / 5 minutes Canadian byo yomi.

Update from Konrad:

I regret to announce that Rory Beling has had a death in the family and will not be playing tonight. I’m sure we’ll all be thinking of him.

The updated draw for the internet match is as follows:

Konrad Scheffler 1d (R)        -   Ben Gale 3d (G)
Andrew Davies 1k (G)           -   Paul Edwards 1d (R)
Reinhardt Messerschmidt 4k (R) -   Tristen Taylor 1k (G)
Bernard Broens 4k (G)          -   Chris Visser 1k (R)
Steve Kroon 5k (R)             -   Dave Gale 3k (G)
Daniel Wium 6k (G)             -   Dirk du Plessis 8k (R)
Andre Connell 6k (R)           -   Dale Morris 8k (G)
David Richfield 6k (G)         -   Luke Henning 9k (R)
Jaco Swanepoel 7k (W)          -   Marcus Jaeger 13k (B)         2 stones
Florian Breuer 9k (W)          -   Willem Joubert Jnr. 15k (B)   2 stones
Guillaume Binet 12k (R)        -   Jonah Sack 15k (G)
James Gelant 14k (G)           -   Carle Joubert 16k (R)
Hugo van der Merwe 18k (R)     -   Claire Jorgensen 20k (G)

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