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August 5th, 2005

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Jaco S. causes upset in WC closed, promoted to 5 kyu

Jaco Swanepoel caused an upset in Prelim Round 3A of the Western Cape Closed (Meijin) yesterday evening, beating Bernard, 3k, the favourite for winning the pool and earning one of the open positions in this years’ Western Cape Meijin Challengers’ League. The upset earned Jaco promotion to 5 kyu, and he is now the favourite to win the pool.

Last night also saw a number of games in the Third Quarter Handicap tournament, and with the high stakes, there were a number of rank changes. Besides Jaco, 4 players earned promotions: Louis de Jager gained 2 ranks to reach 23kyu, with the other new ranks being awarded to Lei (17k), Johannes (21k) and Serdyn (29k). Players demoted were Jonathan (13k), Adrian (26k) and PW (27k).

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