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July 29th, 2005

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Dinerchtein beats Taranu in Round 5 of European Open

The 49th European Go Congress is underway at the moment, and one of the major events of the congress is the European Open Go Championships, a 10-round MacMahon tournament, with one round being played per day. Time limits are 2h30 per player, with minute-a-move byo-yomi. Topping the tournament table after round 4, were Catalin Taranu, a Romanian player who is a 5 dan professional in Japan, and Alexandre Dinerchtein, a Russian player who became a Korean 1 dan professional in 2002. They took each other on in Round 5 in a marathon game lasting 4 hours and 40 minutes. Taranu ignored some early moves to build a large moyo on the right and a large left side, but later sacrificed some of the moyo to destroy one of Dinerchtein’s corners. At that stage it seemed he had a solid grip on the game, but Dinerchtein used a ko to work himself back into the game. Finally Taranu was forced to resign when he did not play a vital defensive move, and Dinerchtein reduced a large group of his to only one eye.

The game on the first board in the European Open championship is being relayed live on IGS and KGS, for all 10 rounds. Check the congress website for times.

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