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July 22nd, 2005

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Pro news

Gu Li (B) pulled off a narrow win (1.5 points) against Ch’oe Ch’eol-han (W) to even the scores in the China-Korea Tengen Challenge. The deciding final match will be held today. In the Japanese Tengen tournament, Kono Rin, who earlier eliminated Yoda Norimoto Gosei from the challenger tournament, has claimed a place in the challenger decision match.

Iyama Yuta, who last week caused an upset defeating Cho U in the Agon Cup, has progressed to the final in the Shinjin O King of the New Stars Cup.

The players qualifying for the final knockout stage of the new Korean Wangik title have been finalised. 8 players were seeded into theis stage, including the holders of the 3 major Korean titles, the Kuksu, Wangwi and Kisung. However, the other 24 open positions were fiercely contested, and some notables gaining spots through qualifying include Ye Nae-wi (perhaps better known as Rui Naiwei), the female 9 dan, Kang Dongyun, finalist in the Osram Cup (see the previous pro update on this site), and Seo Pong-su, a 2 dan who beat two 7 dans in succession to claim his spot.

The female pro scene was also rather active the last few days. Pak Chi-eun (who was eliminated in the Osram Cup semifinal by Kang Dongyun) beat Lee Hajin 1 dan in the female Myeongin tournament. Lee had caused an upset in the previous round by eliminating Female Kuksu Cho Hyeyeon.

On the Japanese side, Kato Keiko 4 dan defeated Konishi Kazuko 8 dan to claim her place in the Female Honinbo challenger decision match against Yashiro Kumiko 5 dan. In the Female Strongest tournament, she was not as fortunate, being eliminated by Kobayashi Izumi 6 dan. By the way, Kobayashi Izumi is very active in promoting Go in the West, having hosted a number of Western insei at her house, and including them in her study group. Her family includes a number of great Go players: she’s the daughter of Kobayashi Koichi, the granddaughter of Kitani Minoru (Kobayashi Koichi, who studied under him, married his daughter), and the wife of Cho U.

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2 Responses to “Pro news”

  1. Flo says:

    And another bit of trivia: Kono Rin is the guy who eliminated Victor Chow in the IGS Rapid Champs earlier this year.

  2. Chris says:

    And in even more trivia, Kono Rin 1p vs Morita Michihiro 9p was the basis of the “new dan” game that was played between Touya Akira and Zama Sensei in Hikaru No Go.

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