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July 8th, 2005

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Yoda wins 1st game for Gosei title

In today’s international Go tournament news, defending Gosei Yoda Norimoto forced challenger Yuki Satoshi, 9 dan, to resign in the first game of the Gosei title match.

Other news from Japan is that 4-dan Iyama Yuta caused an upset in the Agon Cup, defeating Cho U Meijin in the first round of the 4-round final knockout tournament. With last year’s winner, Hane Naoki out of the tournament (defeated on Monday by Kobayashi Satoru, 9 dan), as well as Yamashito Keigo Tengen (defeated by 7-dan Sakai Hideyuki), the only major title-holder left in the tournament is Cho Chikun Judan.

From Korea, four of the finalists for the Osram (Korean Young Players) Cup have been identified. The system used to find the finalists is quite interesting similar to the “winner keeps the table” system used in pool bars. 25 players are identified for a preliminary round. The players are put in a certain order, then the first 2 play each other. The winner plays the third player on the list, the winner of that match the fourth, and so on until 24 matches have been played. All players winning 2 or more games qualify as finalists for the knockout round. There is only one more player who can qualify as a finalist, the 1-dan Yoo Jaeho. However, he will have to defeat Lee Yeongku (4d), who has won his last 4 games.

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2 Responses to “Yoda wins 1st game for Gosei title”

  1. Steve says:

    Update on the Osram Cup. The 1-dan Yoo Jaeho won his game against Lee Yeongku, but lost his next game to the 3-dan Ko Geuntae, so he didn’t qualify for a berth in the final. However, it seems if the final player in the preliminary round wins his game, he still qualifies for the finals (since he’s not given the chance to win 2 games in a row). So Ko Geuntae is the fifth and last player to qualify for the Osram Cup finals.

  2. Steve says:

    Update on Iyama Yuta. He’s a 16-year old, and his victory over Cho U Meijin is the biggest upset he has caused in his career. He is also the youngest player to participate in the final knockout phase of the tournament. The winner of the Agon Cup automatically qualifies for promotion to 7-dan, but Iyama is the only player under 7-dan in the knockout phase, and if he is to win, he must win another 3 knockout matches, with the next 2 definitely against 9-dans.

    According to the Nihon Ki-in, this is also the first time that Cho U has lost a game to a Japanese player younger than himself.

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