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July 1st, 2005

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Gauteng – Western Cape Internet showdown date set

After some marathon negotiations (ok, ok, a few emails, blog posts and a short phone call), the date for the internet match has been set for the 9th of August – this will stay fixed unless people have serious problems with it (if you do, speak up now or forever hold your peace). It’s in the week directly after the Western Cape Open, which may not be ideal, but we’ll manage.

We’re planning to announce the final teams and the draw a week before the event. Team size will be determined by whichever team gets the smallest nr of entrants (looks like Gauteng – which means we get extra brownie points for our amazing turnout). Those who don’t make the team are invited to join us to support and play friendly games. We’re hoping that all games will be even, but if players differing by more than 4 ranks are matched up, a reduced handicap may be introduced.

Venue is still the responsibility of each individual player, though the clubs will hopefully help facilitate. If the venue we use for the Candidates works out well, the Cape Town Club may opt to use it again.

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2 Responses to “Gauteng – Western Cape Internet showdown date set”

  1. Steve says:

    I note from Tristen’s email to the Gautengers that the matches are scheduled for 19h30 for those that are worried about the time.

  2. Tristen says:

    Six from Gauteng, so far…

    Dale Morris (8k)
    Tristen Taylor (1k)
    Dave Gale (3k)
    Luke Henning (9k)
    Ben Gale (3d)
    Dirk du Plessis (9k?)

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