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June 30th, 2005

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60th Honinbo Title Match

The 60th Honinbo Title Match


(as of June. 29, 2005)

Takao Shinji becomes New Honinbo!

Cho U vs. Takao Shinji
Date (2005) Venue Result
1 09, 10 May Fukuoka Takao Shinji (W) won by resign.
2 26, 27 May Tottori Takao Shinji (B) won by 4.5.
3 08, 09 Jun Aichi Takao Shinji (W) won by resign.
4 20, 21 Jun Hokkaido Cho U (W) won by resign.
5 27, 28 Jun Saitama Takao Shinji (W) won by 0.5.
6 11, 12 Jul Shiga
7 20, 21 Jul Yamagata

Challenger Takao Shinji takes the 60th Honinbo title after beating title holder Cho U. Takao Shinji won the first 3 games forcing Cho U in a kado-ban (one more loss will lose the match). Cho U then proceeded to win the 4th game by skillfully defending his weak groups on the board.
The 5th game provided for a very tense and interesting watch. The game ended in a win for Takao Shinji after a very close endgame.

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