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June 23rd, 2005

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Gauteng-Western Cape showdown

For those of you not in the mailing-list loop, it looks like an internet team match between Gauteng (i.e. Joburg, Soweto and Pretoria club) and the Western Cape (i.e. Cape Town and Stellenbosch club) is in the offing for late July or early August. The match is scheduled to take place on KGS on a Tuesday night from around 19h30, but which Tuesday is yet to be finalised. All games will be scratch. The original plan was to have 10 players for each team, but this number is subject to change if there’s enough interest.

Each player will be responsible for his own internet connection, but it seems the Joburg club players at least are looking at getting together at an Internet cafe before their regulare games at the Joburg go club.

The “team managers” at this stage seem to be Tristen for Gauteng and Konrad for the Western Cape. The tournament is open to everyone, so if you want to play, contact the relevant team manager (mail them by clicking on their names) before 1 July. Note that the final teams will be selected by the team managers, so you may not get to play if the one region shows more interest, or if the teams are unbalanced, but I’m sure an effort will be made to accomodate as many people as possible.

I guess the plan is to make this an annual event if it’s a success. Once details are more clear, I’ll add a page about the event.

Anyone with more info or corrections on this post, please comment below).

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8 Responses to “Gauteng-Western Cape showdown”

  1. Hugo says:

    Konrad’s link says

  2. Hugo says:

    Hmm, I wondered what WordPress would do with half an html tag. Let’s try again, with entities…

    Konrad’s link is to <a href-mailto… instead of <a href=mailto…, maybe that should be fixed.

    Can “entries thus far” be mentioned somewhere to help encourage other people to enter? (I intend to enter, but am just curious if there will be any other “second-dozen kyu” players to play against?)

  3. Steve says:

    Fixed the html tag. As for entrants so far, I think the best would be if Konrad and Tristen added comments to this post with “Entrants so far”, or each of them created a post with their entrants so far”. Then they can edit their comments/posts as new entrants join.

    Konrad, Tristen – that sound alright to you guys?

    In any case, Hugo, just indicate you’re interested if you are – if there isn’t a suitable opponent, I guess they’ll just let you know.

  4. konrad says:

    Ok, here is the list of WCape entrants so far (with SAGA ranking where available, local ranking where not). Beware, these ranks may be deceptively low, especially in the double figure kyus. We’re at 18 and counting, keep those names coming…

    Konrad Scheffler 1d
    Andrew Davies 1k
    Reinhardt Messerschmidt 4k
    Bernard Broens 4k
    Steve Kroon 5k
    Daniel Wium 6k
    David Richfield 6k
    Andre Connell 6k
    Jaco Swanepoel 7k
    Florian Breuer 9k
    Rory Beling 10k
    Guillaume Binet 12k
    James Gelant 14k
    Hugo van der Merwe 18k
    Chris Welsh 21k
    Chris Brown 22k
    Timothy Spring 23k
    Quinton Hoole 24k

  5. Tristen says:

    Somewhat of a lesser list from Gauteng:

    Dale Morris (8k)
    Tristen Taylor (1k)
    Dave Gale (3k)
    Luke Henning (9k)
    Ben Gale (3d)
    Dirk du Plessis (8k)
    Chris Visser (1k)

    I imagine this will grow once we have a firm date…

  6. Hugo says:

    Boy, aren’t we chomping at the bit. [grin]

    Maybe the Gauteng people should be suggesting the date that suits them best, to help balance the interest? (I am curious about the date, since that is a factor for me. Though as “18k SAGA”, it seems to me us double digit kyu’s might have to play at observing instead…

  7. Tristen says:

    For simplicity and all, how about Tuesday the 9th of August?

  8. Hugo says:

    Ooh, yes, yes, then I can play! yippee! Or, rather, I’ll be able to observe, at least. 🙁 😉

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