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June 9th, 2005

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Updates all over

Thanks to David Richfield, we have obtained a copy of the old SAGA website, with a wealth of information on past tournaments and events held in South African Go, as well as info on the (old?) Soweto Schools Go Project. I’ve added the copy to the site – you can view it here. (If anyone representing SAGA would like to object to us placing this mirror on the site, please contact me, and I will take it down immediately.)

I have also integrated all the info on the old website regarding old tournaments and events into the rest of the pages. As a result, there are now results of various old tournaments now on the site. These records are currently very incomplete, though, so if you have more information, please send it to me or make comments. If you would like to maintain any page on the site, also please contact me, and we can arrange giving you a login and access rights to those pages.

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