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June 1st, 2005

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And another commented game

Go get it!
Commented game – Andrew vs Konrad

Posted by konrad in Game records


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7 Responses to “And another commented game”

  1. Tristen says:

    SA go seems to almost have seperate ghettos. Looking at Konrad’s two games, I see moves and josekis that are rarely played in JHB. The same thing happens when I go (on the rare occasion) to PTA for a game. Strange, and maybe Steve’s idea of go clubs tournament should be reinvigorated (playing other sytles is good, etc.). Hmmm.

  2. konrad says:

    True. Maybe we should be thinking of a WCape vs Gauteng match over the internet. Just one match, so it should be easier to organise than a whole league.

  3. Tristen says:

    Bring it on, Konrad. SA room on KGS, 6 a side, SAGA ranks prevail. Date needed.

  4. konrad says:

    Let’s poll for interest before deciding team size – this could be a lot bigger than 6 a side. Not sure whether by “SAGA ranks prevail” you mean we should play handicap games – that could be good for recalibrating the rating system, but I think even games are more interesting.

  5. Steve says:

    One of the big problems down here is that our connections to KGS at university all seem to suffer from unexplained and unpredictable lag (more so than regular connections), which makes playing from there problematic. If we could organise to do this as a group (say on a Tuesday night, instead of the regular Joburg and Cape Town club meetings) we may get quite a good response, if we can find venues on both sides willing to give it a go.

  6. Jaco says:

    There are quite a few good Internet cafe’s around.

  7. Tristen says:

    Konrad’s right, we can field much more than 6. I don’t mind playing scratch (or a limited handicap (1 stone for every two rank differental)). In fact, I prefer playing scratch.

    Re connection. We’d almost certainly be using internet cafe, etc.

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