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May 26th, 2005

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SAGA stock in Western Cape

Andrew Davies stocks books and equipment on behalf of SAGA for sale in the Western Cape. SAGA sells books and equipment in Gauteng directly. For more information in this regard, e-mail the SAGA treasurer. If you are from elsewhere in the country, you can buy from either region by electronic transfer as long as you arrange for someone to receive the goods there – SAGA may be willing to post equipment to you if you cover the postage cost as well.

There are Go sets for sale, and a number of the books on the SAGA pricelist. Note that boards and stones can be bought separately, and that there is a discount on all items for SAGA members.

Western Cape stock (2 November 2015):

Contact info: Andrew Davies: e-mail

Details on the sets for sale: Folding boards and glass stones in plastic bowls are available seperately.

Korean boards @ R180 each (R160 for SAGA members) and sets of Korean stones @ R180 each (R160 for SAGA members)


G2 Basic Techniques of Go (2 copies, of which 1 signed)
K10 In the Beginning (2 copies)
K11 38 Basic Joseki (1 copy)
K12 Tesuji
K13 Life and Death
K14 Attack and Defense
K15 The Endgame (1 copy)
K17 Kage’s Secret Chronicles of Handicap Go
K21 Dictionary of Basic Joseki Volume 1
K22 Dictionary of Basic Joseki Volume 2
K23 Dictionary of Basic Joseki Volume 3
K26 The Direction of Play (3 copies)
K31 The Second Book of Go
K36 Opening Theory Made Easy (2 copies)
K45 Positional Judgment
K46 Graded Go Problems Vol 1
K47 Graded Go Problems Vol 2
K48 Graded Go Problems Vol 3
K50 GO: A Complete Introduction to the Game (6 copies)
K51 Get Strong at the Opening (2 copies)
K52 Get Strong at Joseki 1 (3 copies)
K53 Get Strong at Joseki 2 (3 copies)
K54 Get Strong at Joseki 3 (3 copies)
K55 Get Strong at Invading
K57 Get Strong at the Endgame
K58 Get Strong at Life and Death
K59 Get Strong at Handicap Go (3 copies)
K60 Get Strong at Attacking
K69 Cosmic Go
K70 The World of Chinese Go
K74 501 Tesuji Problems
PP1 Tournament Go 1992
Y20 Lectures on Go Techniques
PAY24 Strategic Fundamentals In Go
Y25 Art of Capturing Stones
PAY27 Galactic Go Vol 1
PAY32 Galactic Go Vol 2 (marked as PAY27 on book’s spine)

Notes: Prior to January 2013, Steve Kroon handled sale of stock in the Western Cape. In Gauteng, stock sales have generally been managed by the SAGA treasurer.

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