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May 20th, 2005

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Rank changes and 1-dan showdown

Last night’s games led to a couple of local rank changes (new ranks in brackets): Jonathan (12k), Ben (15k), Dale (17k), Angelique (18k), Johannes (23k), Hennie (23k), and Adrian (23k).

In addition, Konrad took on the visiting 1-dan Chinese player, Michael Wang. In the first game, Konrad won comfortably – we will hopefully have some photographs and perhaps a game record later. This was followed by a close-fought speed game, which Michael won on komi – by 5.5.

When I left the club last night, Michael had just started another handicap game against Bernard – I don’t know the result of that game yet, can anyone who knows please make a comment.

Update: Bernard played a 3 handicap game, and won.

Update:OK, we said there might be photos. And, behold! 😉 As you can see from the second picture, White (Wang) chose to play out a ladder favourable for black – however, the weaknesses in the resulting outside walls outweighed the influence he gained from them.

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