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May 6th, 2005

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New members and ranks (Stb)

First off, welcome to our 4 new members, Serdyn du Toit, Iain Lawrie, Eugene Terblanche, and Hennie de Villiers. Hennie was promoted to 29kyu based on his performance last night, while the other 3 new members are still rated at 30 kyu. Other new ranks after last night’s games: David Richfield (7k), Hugo van der Merwe (20k), Hanno Botha (21k) and Adrian Thom (28k).

Also a warm welcome to our visiting Chinese 1-dan, Michael Wang. Bernard was fortunate enough to play a 4-stone game against him last night, and performed well, having a lead close to 70 points, when Mr. Wang resigned. Mr. Wang has indicated he will be at our club next Thursday again, before returning to Beijing. Hopefully, Bernard will be able to provide us with a partial game record of last night’s game, and Rory has some pictures of the game, so stay tuned for updates.

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