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May 5th, 2005

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New beginner resource: How to play Go

I’ve added a link in the Beginner Resources section to an introduction to Go called “How to Play Go”. The introduction consists on ten lessons which can also be downloaded in PDF format – printing and binding the lessons will provide you with plenty of information which will be useful to you until at least around 15-kyu, and potentially even further. The lessons were written by a dan-level amateur player from Singapore, and may seem a little difficult at stages. I recommend just skimming over sections you don’t understand yet. Re-reading the lessons, you may find you have developed enough to understand those sections later.

The lessons cover a variety of topics, starting with the rules, also discussing live and dead groups, ko, the importance of cutting and connecting, how to know if you can make two eyes, and how big moves in the endgame are.

Note that the players in Singapore use the Chinese method of counting, while we tend to use the Japanese method in South Africa, so the lesson on the endgame in particular may be a little confusing.

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